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Nannies have an important role in children's education, supervision and daily care, planning activities, maintaining their safety, health integrity and emotional stability, having important contribution in developing children's personal and social autonomy.


Children's education and skills development must be a permanent responsibility of the parents. They can be carried out with the support of a tutor, that can contribute with his experience and knowledge to enhance children's development, to assist them along the educational process and extracurricular activities.


Home cleanliness and maintenance are activities that require time, energy and a certain mood, especially if you have a difficult day job which uses your resources. This job can be successfully delegated to an experienced housekeeper who will take care of your home!
Senior care


Yes, parents grow up too! And they need in return family's assistance and support, provided directly or through specially qualified senior care staff. We help you find the loving care your seniors deserve.


Being a parent is one of the most challenging but wonderful life experience. Sometimes, however, we realize that we are either not sufficient prepared to cope with this role, whether a qualified advice of a psychologist could offer new approaches in getting the perfect kid-parent relationship!
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